Welcome to my new blog. I’m shutting down J3webworks.com and will be using this site, JasonJalbuena.com instead.

This is a rebranding and there’s a few reasons for that:
1. I launched J3webworks to try to present myself as bigger than just 1 person. I don’t want to do that anymore, this is more transparent. The world is dealing with me, not some company where you don’t really know who you’re dealing with, you’re dealing with me.
2. I never really liked the name. Here’s a break-down as to why:
J3 – a childhood nickname I tried to shed because I thought it was juvenile and childish. I don’t mind it as much now, but am still not fond of it. I can’t help but feel that it’s unprofessional.
Web – yeah, sure, I do a lot of web work, but it feels so limiting. I can do, and am into, more stuff than just ‘the web.’
Works – it sounds so flesh-based. Am not bothered by the word because of any job, career, or work reasons, but because of my personal convictions and spiritual life. All my ‘works’ in this life are pointless and ultimately don’t help me or satisfy, only the perfect work of Jesus on the cross does.
3. J3webworks had the tagline of Web Design & blog consulting. Thru the years I’ve really grown as a developer and there isn’t much in the form of “web design” that I can really offer. I write code, I don’t design visuals. And blog consulting, what is that? I had wanted to offer SEO services. Because I have done a lot of SEO, had a full-time SEO job, still keep up with SEO, and have taken some of my sites to the top of the search engine results page I was able to call myself an SEO and offer services as such. But because it’s no longer 2009 and SEO has evolved so much since – I’ve been hummingbird’ed and panda’d out of any inkling of calling myself an SEO. I’ll still do it for myself with what time I can scrap together, but I just can’t offer it to anyone.

That’s it in a nutshell. Hello new world!