Summit Sounds Studio is the recording studio of Summit International School of Ministry. It is used to teach their students about music technology and for rent for sessions or recording projects.

Summit needed a new website to showcase their studio and contracted my great designer friends Hybrid Studios for the overall visual design and I took care of turning their design, a custom implementation of a premium WordPress theme, into the final website.

Project Highlights

Server setup and WordPress installation

A new installation of WordPress was needed for this project. Summit’s existing web server was prepped for this new website and WordPress, the theme, and required plugins were installed.

Photoshop PSD of customized WordPress theme to working website

Hybrid provided me with PSDs of their design and the theme with which to do the work with. Some WordPress themes are very intuitive and straight-forward to install, properly set-up, and customize. Other themes, including this one, was not. It had way too many confusing options, used language and grammar that was not user-friendly for most users, and required a number of plugins installed and used in a particular way. I was able to properly set-up and customize the website to their specifications.