World Harvest is an evangelistic ministry on a worldwide mission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth in a radical way.

My great designer friends at Hybrid Studios designed the site while I took care of turning their design into a working website. We used a very customizable premium WordPress theme as a base.

Project Highlights

WordPress Theme Customization

Hybrid provided mockups of the design and the theme to use. Some WordPress themes are very intuitive and straight-forward to install, properly set-up, and customize. Other themes are a direct opposite and are tricky to figure out. This theme was confusing, I’d put it in the middle of the easy to hard to customize scale. It took a while, but I was eventually able to properly set-up and customize the website to the design specifications.

Custom CSS

While most theme customizations will need some custom CSS to get some design elements to look or work in a way different than the theme was programmed for, the CSS required for this site was quite tricky.

Custom CSS was used to give the images used the diagonal cut – i.e. they are not rectangles, but have one or more sides at an angle. Because of the way the theme handles the responsiveness (adaptability to different screen sizes, like from desktop to mobile) of images used in backgrounds, simply cropping the images or adding a white section on top of the images themselves could not be used.

CSS was used so that a white overlay is put on top of the images. This white overlay gives the impression that they have one or more sides on an angle. They are also responsive and works/looks well for devices from the smallest of mobile phones to full-HD screens.