Heard of the Raspberry Pi? It’s taken the geek world by storm.

In case you haven’t, see this for a quick visual.

So I bought a Model A Raspberry Pi with the intent if turning it into my home print (and airprint) server, and I obviously needed a case to house my little computer. Here is what I came up with:

The Apple Raspberry Pi:

clean box, side-by-side size comparison:
apple raspberry pi

apple raspberry pi case

Empty box:
apple raspberry pi

Pi on top. Perfect fit. RCA video port sticks out and I have room to hide the SD card and loop the power source cable around:
apple raspberry pi box

In the box, showing how the power source cable loops around and goes out one of the box’s vent holes:
McDonald's apple raspberry pi

McDonalds apple raspberry pi

HDMI port is a bit too big for the vent. Have knife, will cut:
DIY raspberry pi case

HDMI port and power cable:
raspberry pi cardboard box

USB port. Hole cut on lip of box. Note: the USB is HOT!
apple pie raspberry pi

Side with RCA video out port. No need to cut holes!
apple raspberry pie

apple raspberry pi case

I’m lovin’ it
apple raspberry pi box