Comment Moderation Highlights is a WordPress plugin that lets you highlight comments in the Comments Admin. You choose the criteria for highlighting a comment, add a note to show it with, and pick its highlight color.

This plugin is “for internal use” and only highlights comments within the WordPress Comments admin. The typical use case for this plugin is to inform/remind users about what to do for a particular type of comment.

It’s primarily for multi-user sites where more than one user performs the moderation of comments and is a way to let other users know or do something about a comment. It works by letting users set criteria for highlighting a comment and having a note appear within the Comments section of wp-admin. Reasons for needing to do so can vary widely, so here’s a few examples (criteria – note to appear with the highlight):

Comments from John Doe – Always approve unless it’s about topic XYZ
Comments from – approve only 1 comment/week from this person
Comments from IP – Give a personal, non-standard response to these comments

The plugin came around due to needs that came about in my day job where 4 people moderate comments. I released my solution as this plugin as there weren’t any plugins that did this and, if we needed this solution, others must too.

You can download the plugin thru your WordPress installation’s Plugins -> Add New page or at the repository here: Comment Moderation Highlights.

You can contribute to or fork the plugin thru its project page on GitHub: WP comment moderation highlights.

Hope you can try it and like it 🙂