Spreadsheet Paste Block is a simple WordPress block plugin to display data pasted from a spreadsheet.

Copy cells directly from a spreadsheet (such as Google Sheets or Libreoffice Calc) and paste it into this block. Spreadsheet cells will be displayed and formatted properly.

The block will not retain any of the source spreadsheet’s formatting such as fonts and colors – it will take the copied data and use WordPress and your theme to format and display it.

This plugin will let your copy/pasted spreadsheet content go from this:

col1 col2 col3 row1 cell1 cell2 cell3 row2 cell4 cell5 cell6 row3 cell7 cell8 cell9

to this:


You can install the plugin by either…

  • going thru the WordPress admin by going to Plugins -> Add New and searching for Spreadsheet Paste Block
  • download it at the WordPress.org repository here: Spreadsheet Paste Block.
  • searching for Spreadsheet Paste Block in the WordPress Block Directory while editing a post, as shown here:

You can contribute to or fork the plugin thru its page on GitHub: Spreadsheet Paste Block.