I recently found out that Kinsta, a WordPress-specialized managed hosting company, has Kinsta Academy. It’s free training and certification for WordPress Developers or, as they put it, they aim to “develop your skills and grow your business with free online training by industry professionals.”

Kinsta Academy currently offers 4 WordPress courses, comprised of 90 training videos and tests. The courses are:

  • How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website
  • The Basics of Maintaining Client Sites at Scale
  • How to Optimize Your WooCommerce Store
  • Custom Gutenberg Block Development With the WordPress Block Editor

It should be noted, and obvious from their course titles, that their courses are not aimed at WordPress developer newbies. They are targeted toward current WordPress developers. There is no boot camp, start-with-no-knowledge type WordPress courses (as of the time of this writing).

So, I’ve been doing WordPress development professionally for a good while now, but as a self-taught WordPress developer, I’ve never received certification or anything official. I figured I’d make it my goal to start the courses now and be certified by the end of the year.

After signing up, I noticed that they let you take the tests before watching any of the course videos, so I figured I’d take them first so I can compare my results after completing the courses. I took all the tests, did really well, and passed them all!

So, am now certified and it didn’t take weeks and weeks of doing the courses as expected. See my Kinsta Academy certificates below: